PTC Zone Classes


We teach applied kung fu that is pressure-tested for effectiveness.

We train in two comprehensive combat systems (Hung Gar Kung Fu and Sup Sau Pai Kung Fu) that can be effectively applied in real life situations. All the movements taught within our system are practical and realistic that will teach students how to deal with all types of confrontations.

Training in Kung Fu will vastly improve physical fitness and agility, improve mental and physical co-ordination, enhance decision making and problem solving skills, vastly improve stress management and the ability to concentrate and focus.


Kickboxing (Sanda) is applied combat practice, meaning that training is conducted with safety equipment and competitions are conducted under rules restricting certain tactics and techniques designed for the safety of the participants.

However, Sanda is also a complete martial art that allows students to actively explore the fundamental theories of Kung Fu: striking, kicking, leg kicks, kick catches, sweeps, takedowns, and throws.


When it comes to performance training, we’ve got something for everyone. All performance training is designed around YOUR goals and abilities.

Performance training emphasizes strong stances, functional training, which encompasses straight, circular, and angular movements. The intent is to develop efficiency of movement, as well as coordination.