Youth Programs

Academic Excellence

In addition to our martial arts program, PTC has a fully equipped and staffed Academic Excellence After-School Program for students from K through 8th grade. Our objective is to help students be successful in the classroom by providing a safe and quiet environment in which to study and learn.

PTC staff stresses the importance of education on a consistent, supportive, and daily basis. We have computers, work spaces, printers, books, and school supplies available for student use along with tutors on staff to assist students who need help.

Martial Arts

The PTC Martial Arts Program is the cornerstone and oldest program at the center. Over the years, PTC has produced some outstanding martial artists and continues to do so today. But more importantly, the program has taught and developed core values in young boys and girls that will help them in all areas of their lives.

The PTC coaching staff strives to instill the basics, expecting that as each student progresses; he or she will find areas in which to excel later on. Those who want to can even compete in tournaments, either in sparring events or in forms competition.

Summer Camp

Camp P.T.C. (Play, Train and Code) is an 8-week summer camp organized by PTC. Throughout the course of the summer, campers participate in fun, team-based leadership games, train in martial arts classes, participate in STEM learning workshops, and finish each week with a field trip to different community events and locations.

Camp P.T.C. is an outstanding summer program, and the kids truly make it special for all of the coaches involved.

Adult Programs

PTC Tactix

PTC Tactix is a specialized fitness center for people who want a unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. PTC Tactix offers a kickboxing-themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimen.

PTC Tactix is a perfect blend of martial arts fitness, practical self-defense skills, boot camp intensity, body weight exercises and metabolic conditioning. The result is a fun, revolutionary workout that teaches basic self-defense while burning calories.

Our Hours

Class Schedule

The PTC Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 7:30pm and on Saturday from 9:00am - 12:30pm.

Contact the office for operating hours during holidays and special closures - 954-441-4703.


How to Register

The studio runs on a membership basis and is based upon space availability for a given class or program.

Each student who wishes to become a member must complete our membership registration process or be placed on our waiting list.

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